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Do you need to legally competently build labor relations with employees? Or defend the company in a labor dispute?

In the modern business, personnel is one of the key resources that affect on the stable operation of the company and profit. Therefore, competent registration of labor relations is a guarantee of the security of financial resources, material values, business reputation and confidential commercial information. To properly formalize an employment relationship, or resolve a labor dispute that has already arisen, contact an experienced labor law attorney.

Attorney Ruslan Petrochenko has been defending the interests of business in the Republic of Belarus since 2012, working on labor law issues of any complexity. In his practice the attorney has more than 400 successful cases and he has represented the interests of clients from Lithuania, Poland, North Macedonia, Belgium, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus.

What labor law issues does the attorney help with?

  • Advice on the application of tax and customs legislation.
  • Analysis of foreign economic transactions for compliance with tax, currency and customs legislation.
  • Protection of the employer from any lawsuits and claims of employees in the courts.
  • Building relationships between the owner and the hired manager.
  • Recovery of damages and shortages from employees.
  • Establishment of labor relations with key employees, including foreigners.
  • Motivational and option agreements with employees.
  • Preparation of non-compete agreements.
  • Development of a privacy system (NDA).
  • Consultations on any issues of labor law.

How exactly does the attorney work in your situation?


During the consultation, the attorney analyzes your situation, documents, business objectives, reasons for the labor dispute and other information. As a result of the analysis, he will offer you legal recommendations on how to proceed.

Preparation of documents

The attorney will correctly draw up the documents necessary to ensure the security of the employer-employee relationship, protecting the material and intellectual resources of the business. If there is a labor dispute, the attorney will competently prepare court documents, which the judge will take into account.

Pre-trial settlement

The most cost-effective way to resolve a dispute is to resolve the conflict peacefully. Therefore, the attorney will enter into negotiations with the employee and try to find the best solution that will suit both sides of the conflict.

Defense in court

The attorney will take part in all court hearings in your case, at the right time, make the necessary petitions and interview witnesses according to a pre-drafted plan and prepared questions. And if the decision of the court does not meet your interests, you will challenge it in a higher court.

Court cases from practice

The case of illegal dismissal of the director of Open Joint Stock Company


The leadership of the district executive committee tried to dismiss the director of an agricultural OJSC for guilty actions, so commissions and inspections were sent to dairy farms to look for violations that could become grounds for dismissal of the director for failure to perform labor duties. As a result, the director was fired on defamatory grounds.

Work process

The attorney drew up a competent, reasoned statement of claim and represented the interests of the dismissed director in court. At trial, the attorney argued that the dismissal was illegal.

The court changed the wording of the reason for the dismissal of the director from paragraph 4 of Art. 42 of the Labor Code “Systematic violation of labor duties” for part 1 of Art. 260 of the Labor Code “At the request of the head of the organization”, and also collected the average earnings for the time of forced absenteeism, compensation for non-pecuniary damage, and the costs of paying for the services of the attorney.


The client has won the case. The court’s decision

The court's decision

Principal recommendations

Frequently asked questions about labor law

First of all, it is necessary to study the requirements of the employee and their legal justification, the documents that formalize relations with him, and analyze the real causes of the conflict. After that, develop a strategy for pre-trial settlement of the dispute, and if it did not work out to resolve the dispute peacefully, then a strategy for defending in court.

Yes, it is possible if the trade secret regime, the non-disclosure agreement, the non-competition agreement are formalized in a legal manner.

The cost is always formed individually and is depended on the specifics of the situation and the tasks that the client sets for the lawyer. To discuss the cost, call me or write to the messenger.

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The lawyer has been practicing law since 2012.
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The lawyer has defended the interests of clients from Lithuania, Poland, North Macedonia, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus.
The lawyer specializes in protecting business, has additional economic education and a master’s degree in law.
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