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Do you need to secure the intellectual property of your business? Do you want to protect your copyrights?

Intellectual property is an important business asset and, in some cases, the backbone and key product that a company produces. For this reason, the issue of copyright protection should never be ignored, since in the event of infringement by third parties, the company may suffer serious losses. Entrust the protection of your intellectual property to an experienced lawyer.

Attorney Ruslan Petrochenko has been defending the interests of business in the Republic of Belarus since 2012 and helps companies secure their copyrights and intellectual property. In his practice the attorney has more than 400 successful cases and he has represented the interests of clients from Lithuania, Poland, North Macedonia, Belgium, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus.

What kind of intellectual property issues does the attorney help with?`

  • Resolution of corporate disputes between owners, managers, including in courts.
  • Registration of relations and mutual obligations between business partners: Charters, agreements, minutes of general meetings.
  • Consulting on corporate structure, tax and financial business models.
  • Structuring the business model based on the needs of the owner and taking into account the requirements of the law.
  • Registration of labor relations with key employees, registration of their duties in job descriptions.
  • Establish a trade secret regime that will effectively protect the company’s secrets.
  • Drafting Non-disclosure agreement and other trade secret protection agreements.
  • Protection of rights to software and domain name.
  • Development of agreements in the field of intellectual property (franchising, licensing, software development, assignments, etc.).
  • Development of contracts in the field of copyright.
  • Assistance in registering a trademark (service mark).
  • Protection against parallel imports.
  • Protection of intellectual property from competitors.
  • Copyright protection from unauthorized use.
  • Recovery of compensation for illegal use of intellectual property.
  • Resolution of disputes related to the creation of objects of copyright (websites, works of art, etc.).

How exactly will an attorney protect your copyrights and intellectual property?

Conducting a consultation

The attorney will initially consult you, get acquainted with your question and situation, determine the prospects and procedure for further actions.

Development of a strategy

The lawyer will develop a strategy for protecting your copyrights and determine what work needs to be done to protect intellectual property.

Document preparation

The attorney will draw up and prepare the documents necessary for the protection of copyright.

Defense in court and execution of the decision

In case of disputes, the attorney will prepare a statement of claim and go to court to protect your copyrights and intellectual property.

Frequently Asked Questions on Copyright and Intellectual Property Protection

Using a trademark without permission from the copyright holder is an infringement. For illegal use, you can be held liable, collect appropriate compensation and withdraw counterfeit goods from circulation.

To protect trade secrets in an enterprise, it is important to legally formalize relations with employees, partners and contractors. For more detailed information on how to do this, sign up for a consultation with a lawyer.

The cost of services depends on the complexity of the task and the time spent on legal support of the dispute. To discuss more specifically, you need to study the details of your situation. To do this, send the lawyer detailed information and answer clarifying questions.

Why do clients trust attorney Ruslan Petrochenko?

Experience 10 years
The lawyer has been practicing law since 2012
Over 400 successful cases
The lawyer has defended the interests of clients from Lithuania, Poland, North Macedonia, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus.
Specialization and qualification
The attorney specializes in business protection, has a master’s degree in law and additional economic education, has knowledge in the field of taxation, accounting and business analysis.
Always in touch
The lawyer is always in touch and ready to promptly help you with any questions that arise.