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Do you want to recover debts or losses caused to the company?

It can be difficult to collect debts on your own: debtors hide, refuse to sign acts, make counter demands, withdraw assets, delay the process. Therefore, if your business has problems with debt collection, it is advisable to contact the attorney as soon as possible.

Many years of intensive practice as a lawyer has allowed us to develop methods that help to effectively resolve litigation related to the recovery of debts and losses.

Attorney Ruslan Petrochenko has been defending the interests of businesses in the Republic of Belarus since 2012 and has helped in resolving disputes on debt collection. In his practice the attorney has more than 400 successful cases and he has represented the interests of clients from Lithuania, Poland, North Macedonia, Belgium, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus.

In what situations does an attorney help?

  • Recovery of debts under any business contracts.
  • Recovery of fines, penalties, fines for late epayment of debt.
  • Execution on the territory of Belarus of decisions of foreign courts on the recovery of money.
  • Recovery of shortages and damages from employees.
  • Compensation for damage caused to the company’s property.
  • Support for enforcement proceedings against the debtor: seizure of property, search for assets, response measures against the founders, director, chief accountant.
  • Challenging the debtor’s transactions for the withdrawal of assets and concealment of property.

How exactly will an attorney work on your case?


First, the attorney conducts a consultation for you, during which he clarifies all the details of the dispute, asks you for contracts, acts, correspondence and other documents, and analyzes judicial practice in such cases. After the consultation, you will know the chances, risks, prospects and the most optimal way to collect the debt.

Preparation of documents

Preparation of documents for applying to the court (claim or writ proceedings) or to a notary (executive inscription). Taking measures to seize the debtor’s property in order to exclude its concealment.

Preparation of a legal position and evidence

For an effective defense, the attorney conducts thorough preparation: he studies the position of the other side in the case, selects questions for witnesses and experts, formulates arguments and arguments for the court, which the judge will listen to

Representing interests in court and ensuring the execution of a court decision

The attorney defends your interests in court during the consideration of the case, defends your innocence, disputes the debtor’s arguments and seeks a court decision to recover the debt. After receiving the decision, the attorney will help in its execution and achieve payment of money to your account.

Refund of attorney's fees

The debtor is obliged to compensate you for all costs of paying for the services of the attorney in case of winning a lawsuit.

Court cases from practice

Debt recovery under a contract for topographic and geodetic works


The client-individual entrepreneur performed topographic and geodetic works by order of a limited liability company. Exploration work, for which topographic survey was carried out, was suspended by the customer, so the individual entrepreneur was not able to complete topographic and geodetic work. The customer refused to pay the entrepreneur for the work performed, arguing that they were incomplete.

Work process

The attorney has represented the interests of the individual entrepreneur in the economic court. At the trial, he argued that the work was not completed through no fault of the entrepreneur, and that the result of partially completed work can be used in the future. And so – the work is subject to payment.


The court agreed with the arguments of the individual entrepreneur, recovered from the LLC in favor of the entrepreneur the debt under the contract for the performance of geodetic works and the costs incurred to pay for the services of the attorney.

The court's decision

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Frequently asked questions about debt recovery

Yes, this is possible, but you need to evaluate the real chances in your case. In order for a decision of a foreign court to work in Belarus, a foreign court must consider the case without violations. For more information on your case, write or call me and get a consultation.

In addition to the amount of the principal debt, you can collect additional interest, penalties, penalties and losses incurred during the dispute. The prospect of collecting penalties depends on a number of factors: how the condition on fines is formulated in the contract, whose fault is in the delay, whether the dates of signing are indicated in the acts, whether the documents were sent by registered mail, etc.

The cost of services depends on the complexity of the task and the time spent on legal support of the dispute. To discuss more specifically, you need to study the details of your situation. To do this, send me detailed information about the case, and we will discuss the cost.

Why do clients choose attorney Ruslan Petrochenko?

Experience 10 years
The lawyer has been practicing law since 2012.
Over 400 successful cases
The lawyer has defended the interests of clients from Lithuania, Poland, North Macedonia, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus.
Narrow specialization
Solving legal problems only in the field of business.
Qualification and education
The lawyer has a master’s degree in law, additional economic education, therefore, he has knowledge in the field of taxation, accounting and business analysis.