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Are you accused of an economic crime or are you summoned for interrogation?

Economic criminal cases are considered the most difficult: to defend against charges, it is necessary to understand not only the laws, but also the production process, accounting and finance. After all, even ordinary transactions, the performance of ordinary official duties, under certain circumstances, can be regarded by law enforcement agencies as violations of the law. And given that the sanctions for such offenses are quite strict, it is necessary to take care of reliable protection.

Attorney Ruslan Petrochenko has been defending the interests of businesses in the Republic of Belarus.
The attorney has more than 400 successful cases in practice and has represented companies from Europe, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus.

What problems does a lawyer work with in the criminal defense of a business?

  • Defense during the investigation and in court in economic criminal cases: illegal business, tax evasion, counterfeiting, smuggling; cases related to bankruptcy and damage to creditors.
  • Protection during the investigation and in court in cases of corruption and malfeasance: cases of bribery, abuse or abuse of official powers, official forgery.
  • Protection during the investigation and in court in cases of fraud, embezzlement by abuse of official powers, misappropriation, embezzlement.
  • Appeal against illegal actions of investigating authorities.
  • Release from arrest of money and property arrested in a criminal case.
  • Appeal against court decisions.
  • Identification and elimination of criminal-legal risks in transactions and in making financial decisions.

How exactly will a lawyer protect you?


The lawyer will ask clarifying questions, study your situation and determine what kind of help you need. Explains your rights and gives important advice. He will tell you what line to follow during interrogations.

Protect at the investigation stage

The lawyer will build a defense strategy and coordinate it with you, after which he will accompany you at all investigative actions. The lawyer will gather defense evidence and challenge the prosecution’s erroneous evidence.

Free property from attachment

In economic criminal cases, money or property is often arrested. A lawyer will help release property from arrest if it belongs not to the suspect, but to other persons: for example, family members or a company.

Defend in court

The lawyer will challenge the illegal evidence of the prosecution. Personally interrogate witnesses and experts in court. Add the necessary documents to the case. He will prove to the court that you are right and seek dismissal of the case or the most lenient punishment.

Appeals the verdict

If the court passes an unfair verdict, the lawyer will file a complaint for the higher court and will defend your interests in all instances up to the Supreme Court.

Court cases from practice

Refusal to initiate criminal proceedings on fraud against an entrepreneur


A verbal agreement was concluded between the client and his acquaintance, according to which the client promised to organize construction work in a country house. The client has received more than 2 million Russian rubles. The acquaintance considered that the work had not been completed, and turned to the police with a statement about fraud.
The audit has been lasting 8 months. Construction and technical expertise was appointed.
According to the conclusion of the construction and technical expertise, the cost of the work was significantly less than the amount of money transferred. The client was threatened with the initiation of a criminal case under Art. 209 of the Criminal Code “Fraud”.

Work process

Attorney actions:
1. Studying the expert’s opinion. After studying the estimate of construction work attached to the expert’s opinion, it was revealed that when determining the cost of construction work, the expert did not take into account part of the work performed on behalf of the customer. When taken into account, the total cost of construction work approximately coincided with the amount of cash transferred to the client.
2. A petition has been filed to request additional evidence confirming the fact that the work was performed by the client, which was disputed by the customer.
3. Preparation, instructing the client and his support when giving explanations. During the survey, the attention of police officers was drawn to the fact that the cost of work performed between a client and his acquaintance is regulated by their verbal agreement, and not by price standards in construction. Under the contract, the price of the work was determined significantly higher than the price according to the standards used by the expert when calculating the cost of construction work.

The regional department of internal affairs was agreed with the arguments of the attorney and his client and issued a decision to refuse to initiate a criminal case against the client.


The check in relation to the client was terminated, the initiation of a criminal case was denied.

The court's decision

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Frequently Asked Questions for a Criminal Defense Attorney

It is far from always possible to withdraw accounts and property from arrest. Much depends on the specific circumstances of the case. Therefore, for more detailed information, I recommend signing up for a consultation and understanding in detail.

Yes, I am available 24/7 and ready to promptly connect to the solution of your issue. I protect clients throughout Belarus.

The cost of services depends on the complexity of the task and the time spent on protection. To discuss more specifically, you need to study the details of your situation. To do this, send me detailed information, and I will guide you on the cost.

Why is attorney Ruslan Petrochenko trusted?

Experience 10 years
The lawyer has been practicing law since 2012.
Over 400 successful cases
The lawyer has defended the interests of clients from Lithuania, Poland, North Macedonia, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus.
Specialization and qualification
The attorney specializes in business protection, has a master’s degree in law and additional economic education, has knowledge in the field of taxation, accounting and business analysis.
Always in touch
The lawyer is always in touch and ready to promptly help you with any questions that arise.