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Do you have legal questions in the process of doing business in Belarus? Do you need regular legal assistance?

Confident business development is impossible without reliable legal support, especially if the business operates on the territory of a state with another jurisdiction. Misinterpretation of laws and unjustified actions can lead to risks, so to minimize possible negative consequences, entrust business support to an experienced attorney.

Attorney Ruslan Petrochenko has been defending the interests of businesses in the Republic of Belarus since 2012, helping in resolving legal issues of any complexity. In his practice the attorney has more than 400 successful cases and he has represented the interests of clients from Lithuania, Poland, North Macedonia, Belgium, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus.

What assistance does the attorney provide in the framework of a subscription legal accompaniment?

  • Entering the Belarusian market and registering a business.
  • Registration of relations and mutual obligations between business partners.
  • Legal analysis and development of contracts.
  • Accompanying the conclusion and termination of transactions.
  • Registration and protection of intellectual property and trade secrets.
  • Protection of the employer in labor disputes.
  • Accompanying during inspections.
  • Appeal against illegal actions of the
  • Inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties, Customs and other state bodies.
  • Resolution of disputes with contractors.
  • Recovery of debts.
  • Representation of interests in courts.
  • Development of administrative documents (orders, job descriptions, etc.).

How exactly does the attorney
carry out work on legal
support of a business?

Conducting a consultation

The initial work begins with a consultation, during which the attorney gets acquainted with your business and the company as a whole, discusses with you the goals and objectives of joint work.

Determining the terms of cooperation

Based on your tasks, the attorney will offer you flexible terms of cooperation, including work only on issues that are necessary for you and need to be resolved.

Permanent legal support

The attorney is in touch all the time. For urgent problems, it is ready to promptly provide information and answer questions of interest 24/7.

Dispute Resolution

In case of disputes, the attorney is ready to represent your interests at the pre-trial and judicial stages of resolving the situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions
on Subscriber Legal Support

Yes, the attorney is ready to represent both the interests of companies from Belarus and foreign companies that are already operating or just planning to enter the Belarusian market.

The attorney takes full responsibility. You will know all the deadlines for the completion of work, and the attorney will inform you in a timely manner about the progress of the process.

Tariffs and cost of services are flexible, depending on the complexity of tasks, business volume, frequency of contact, time spent on legal support. For each business, the lawyer selects acceptable and mutually beneficial terms of cooperation.

Why businesses trust attorney
Ruslan Petrochenko?

Experience 10 years
The lawyer has been practicing law since 2012.
Over 400 successful cases
The lawyer has defended the interests of clients from Lithuania, Poland, North Macedonia, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus.
The lawyer specializes in protecting business, has additional economic education and a master’s degree in law.
Always in touch
The lawyer is always in touch and ready to promptly help you with any questions that arise.