Attorney Ruslan

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Experience 10 years
The lawyer has been practicing law since 2012
Over 400 successful cases
The attorney has defended the interests of clients from Lithuania, Poland, North Macedonia, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus
The lawyer specializes in protecting business, has additional economic education and a master’s degree in law.

Attorney Ruslan Petrochenko is a practicing specialist in the field of legal protection of Belarusian and foreign businesses operating in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. In the practice of the attorney, there are many successfully completed cases for clients from Europe, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus. Ruslan Petrochenko constantly improves his skills at courses and seminars, monitors changes in legislation and is always up to date with current judicial practice. The lawyer is the author of scientific and practical publications in the field of law in professional publications for the attorneys and a co-author of a commentary to the Labor Code.

2012 – Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, specialty “Jurisprudence”.

2015 – Institute of Business and Technology Management of the Belarusian State University, specialty “Business Administration”.

2017 – master’s degree program at Polotsk State University, specialty “Jurisprudence”. Defense of a master’s thesis for the highest score on the subject of investigating theft in the field of execution of business contracts.

2018 – professional development at the Institute for Retraining and Advanced Training of the Belarusian State University, specialty “Lawyer activity”

2023 – Vitebsk State Technological University, specialty “Economics and Management in Entrepreneurship”

Work experiencу

2012-2013 – service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

2013–2016 – work as a legal adviser on legal protection of interests of enterprises from the sphere of retail, transport, agribusiness, construction.

2017–present – Attorney with specialization in business, financial, tax and civil law.

Certificates and diplomas

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