Thanks to the attorney, we resolved a legal dispute in a family matter. He provided competent advice and explained possible options for the development of events. No fuss, everything is short and to the point. Thank you very much!

Christina, Vitebsk
Photo and last name are hidden at the request of the client

When disagreements arose with ex-member of the company, we turned to attorney Ruslan Petrochenko. Ruslan Vladimirovich helped to prove that we were right in court regarding the issue of the founder’s withdrawal from the company. We would like to note the high qualification of Ruslan Vladimirovich, his willingness to listen to carefully and provide support.

Ekaterina Dubaylo
Director of LLC “Basil”

Thank you for a high professionalism, responsiveness, understanding, competence and efficiency, which were shown in providing legal assistance in my case. When choosing an attorney, several specialists were considered, and our choice fell on Ruslan Petrochenko due to a competent and more humane attitude towards people on the phone who first got into a situation like ours. Asked for help on personal family matters. Ruslan was in touch at any time convenient for me, professionally prepared all the necessary documents, everything was provided for to the smallest details. In addition to professional conduct of business, he was very supportive morally. During the trial, due to the presence of Ruslan, I felt confident, reliable and protected! Thanks to Petrochenko Ruslan Vladimirovich, we managed to win the case in court! I can say that if in my life the question of finding aa attorney arises, I will ask help Ruslan Vladimirovich!
We are convinced that thanks to your professionalism and experience as the attorney, you are able to help many people!
We wish you good luck in your professional activities

Roman Navanchi

LTD “GR8” address to the attorney Petrochenko Ruslan for help in a lawsuit. The attorney studied all the documents in the case, analyzed them, and told how to defend himself. Petrochenko Ruslan was always in touch during the process and answered questions and made recommendations. As a result, the court took our side. Thank you for your help!

Olga Ryzhuk
Director of GR8 LLC

The lawyer helped us to resolve disputes with government agencies, the creation of a legal entity by foreign founders of Afghan citizens, advised on migration law and provided support in resolving a number of issues related to current business tasks

Syed Halishi
Director of Plov Man LLC

Thanks a lot to the lawyer Ruslan Petrochenko for helping to solve the problem related to transport.
Provided professional and timely support on all issues, successfully defended in court

Rustam Matchanov
Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, trainer, entrepreneur

I express my gratitude to the lawyer Petrochenko Ruslan Vladimirovich for the qualified assistance in collecting the debt from the Belarusian organization. The lawyer prepared all the documents, represented the interests in court. As a result, we managed to prove our innocence and obtain judicial acts on the collection of debts under all agreements.

B. V. Zharov
Director of Strojtec LLC

Our company is engaged in international transportation of goods. Legal issues constantly arise in entrepreneurial activity. To solve them, the company turns to the lawyer Ruslan Vladimirovich Petrochenko. Knowing the specifics of the work of our company, the lawyer always gives competent legal advice

A. V. Kravchenko
Director of PTUE “VoyageTransLogistic”

With great respect, I want to leave a review! Ruslan Vladimirovich is a very competent specialist! I contacted him for family matters. In the end, I managed to achieve everything that I wanted. For example, thanks to the help of a lawyer, I changed the surname of the children to my own, although the surname of my ex-husband was originally entered. We proved to the guardianship authorities that it would be better for children, and we received permission. Thank you for your help, you can be trusted

Natalia Pavlova

We thank Petrochenko Ruslan Vladimirovich for competent legal support in complex legal issues faced by Orsha Fitness LLC. With the help of a lawyer, the problems of the founder’s exit from society, the protection of the business reputation of the fitness club and trainers, and much more were solved.

When disagreements arose with one of the buyers in Belarus, they turned to lawyer Ruslan Petrochenko. Ruslan Vladimirovich helped prove our case on three deals. Competently advised, prepared documents with competent legal justification. Completed tasks quickly, professionally and conscientiously

A. Yu. Lapushkin
General Director of OOO «PO NEM»

During entrepreneurial activities, one inevitably has to face legal problems. And when I had such problems, I turned to Ruslan Vladimirovich Petrochenko for help. As a result, the criminal case against my relative was terminated, as well as difficult situations that seemed hopeless to me were resolved.

A. N. Osipenko
Individual entrepreneur

Under the leadership of Ruslan Petrochenko, the problem with the tax inspectorate was successfully and promptly resolved regarding the incorrect transfer of revenue, underpayment of taxes, and incorrect registration of an employee. Thanks to the advice of the lawyer, I managed to minimize the consequences of mistakes

A. A. Glivanskaya
Individual entrepreneur

Since 2014, our firm has been turning to Ruslan Vladimirovich for legal assistance. Thanks to the support of the lawyer, the problems of returning the debt for the delivered products were solved. The lawyer knows how to think creatively, concisely and clearly state his vision of the situation. Each recommendation is supported by laws and examples from the practice of considering similar disputes by courts.

O. A. Yakubovskaya
Director of PTUE “YakubovskiTradeService”

I want to express my gratitude to Ruslan Vladimirovich! A qualified professional, a real expert in his field. I applied for family reasons – I received legal advice, assistance in drafting statements of claim. Ruslan Vladimirovich is always ready to answer all questions and explain all possible options in an accessible way. Supports the client until the problem is fully resolved. Always ready to help and provide highly qualified assistance. Thanks a lot! If you need legal assistance, be sure to use the services of this lawyer

Maria Matsueva

Ruslan Vladimirovich Petrochenko has provided professional legal assistance to me and my family. About 10 court sessions, 100% result. I recommend this specialist for the successful solution of your problems. Thank you! Professional success!

Alexander Mosolovich

I have found Ruslan Vladimirovich through the Vitebsk
Association. I paid attention to business photography, and later to a lot of author’s articles, answers on forums and my own website.
I started working with Ruslan Vladimirovich when my case was awaiting the third session. I wrote via Viber, it was urgent (in 3 days) to find a lawyer. Ruslan Vladimirovich explained the style and sequence of his work, everything was transparent. After that, in two days off (he entered my position of urgency) he studied all the materials of the case (and I sent a lot of material). Further, it was explained to me what my chances are, what resources the win may require. I decided to go further and defend my rights, Ruslan Vladimirovich agreed to help me.
Positive qualities of a lawyer: honesty; high level of ethics; high professionalism; human emotional support; availability at any time of the day by phone and Viber; consultation after SUCCESSFUL RESOLVATION OF MY QUESTION! I recommend this lawyer! YOU CAN TRUST THIS LAWYER (even very personal nuances)!

Anastasia Mikhailova

I would have had to return social leave for five years if Ruslan Vladimirovich had not helped the judge sort out the controversial issue.
Graduated from secondary special. I got a job, at the same time I entered the correspondence course on the budget. The company kept the average earnings for the period of the session. After graduating from the university, having worked for a year, it became necessary to move to another region. The company categorically refused to terminate the contract by agreement of the parties, arguing that it was not worked out, and the only way to resolve it was to voluntarily return all the funds paid for the period of sessions for the entire training period.

I turned to a lawyer, Ruslan Vladimirovich responded and offered help, answering all questions clearly and intelligibly, clarifying the whole picture. Ruslan Vladimirovich explained the judicial procedure, studied the documents and materials of the case, raised similar judicial practice, based on the Labor and Civil Code, helped to draw up all the necessary documents and acted as a lawyer at the hearing. At the preliminary hearing, the court took the side of the employer. However, having studied the jurisprudence provided by the lawyer and the reasoned objections, the judge took our side in this case.

Alexander Shablovsky

A criminal case was initiated under Art. 427 part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus. There was a threat of deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions with a fine and, accordingly, a criminal record. Lawyer Petrochenko R.V. found on the Internet. It was important for me to read a large number of positive reviews and was not mistaken. Several consultations were held with a detailed analysis of the current situation, where specific advice and ways to solve the problem were given. As a result, the result is an exemption from criminal liability with administrative charges, plus a relatively small fine compared to what was previously threatened. Thanks to lawyer Petrochenko R.V. for competent advice.

Photos and personal data are hidden.
Head of a state organization